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Brave women with stereotypically feminine virtues, kind and patient and loving, and the older, gruff and world-weary anti-heroes who fall for them.

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schlegelbites asked: What if Daryl's group stumbles upon Beth and he scrambles to "claim" her but some of the other men also say "claimed" in quick succession? Joe's group squabbles about who claimed her first and she looks at all of them a little confused, trying to make sense of their argument. In desperation she points at Daryl and says, "I claim him."





Um, write that please. Just a one shot’ll do! Someone? Anyone? Beth claims Daryl. I need to read that.

that has to be the best idea i’ve heard yet. GOD YES.

Ah someone write this!!

Daryl couldn’t believe what he was looking at. There was no way Beth was there, all covered in blood and sweat. She started towards him, wary of the others but Daryl knew the rules of the game by now. “Claimed,” he stated simply, but he wasn’t quick enough. Three of the other men also laid claim to her. He watched her stop in her tracks and look at him obviously confused at what was going on.

Voices started to raise as the men tried to decide who had claim to her. Daryl was going kill them all if they really wanted to fight about it. He threatened one man with his knife, keeping his crossbow trained on another. Why wasn’t Joe doing anything?

Beth was beyond confused. What was all of this claiming? She crossed her arms, watching the men fight like men do. She started to worry when Daryl pulled weapons on two of the men who in turn pointed their own guns at him. She bit her lip and didn’t know what else to do. She started towards Daryl, pointing at him. “I claim him.”

They all stopped and looked at her, shocked. She didn’t miss the smirk on Daryl’s lips as she approached him and they all lowered their weapons.

Joe started laughing. “Well, there you have it boys.” He started walking again, ignoring the protests from the group and clapping Daryl on the shoulder. “She seems like a feisty one,” he smirked walking by.

Daryl pulled Beth into him for a long over due hug. “You have no idea.”

(I’ll write a real one if people really want one up on or AO3)


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