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Brave women with stereotypically feminine virtues, kind and patient and loving, and the older, gruff and world-weary anti-heroes who fall for them.

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I hope so much this Darth Sansa will turn out to just be a temporary strategy, a phase that the girl needs to experience for a while for to eventually realize a woman can become a leader and find and exercise her strength and wisdom without sacrificing her goodness, her moral integrity. 

I hope in the end she will reject Littlefinger’s ways and rise above his manipulations and lies and find her own way.

I know, I know, ASOIAF is not a morality story (and GOT even less so), but it would be so inspiring for her to blossom into a moral and beautiful person despite all she will have to go through*.


*also, damn you conditionals. hopefully my point got across. i am sorry for slaughtering your language.

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If Oberyn Martell’s costuming looks familiar to some of you out there, you might have, I don’t know, maybe seen an actual brown person wearing something similar at some point or another. ;)

South Asians. If you want to call us something. Not brown people. And its called a Kurta and it might be inspired by it, but its not really a Kurta - but yes it is still appropriative as hell.

But mostly I object to the use of the term “brown people”. A lot of people in the world are “brown”. Not all of them wear Kurtas - its a very regional specific form of clothing. Its great that we’re talking about appropriation and whitewashing on the show, but please use correct terminology?


appropriating the costumes??? really? I mean… it is… the layering, the belt, the opening is totally different… I don’t… what??

The implication of the OP was that the costume had been appropriated. I objected to the generalizing and slightly offensive terminology used. As an Indian, I personally don’t see the link between his costume and the kurta - because hell, it looks very similar to what Petyr Baelish wears, and I’d personally call it more of a tunic (YMMV). But if we’re going with appropriation as a discussion point - I’d like people to use the correct terminology and not lump several distinctive cultures and peoples under the blanket terminology of “brown people” and to at least name the clothing which has apparently been appropriated here.

Sorry, I should probably have reblogged straight from the source, not from you, because I wasn’t actually responding to what you said! :) Please please I really don’t want to hurt anyone or anything and god knows I try to stay out of these things… But I am quite interested in costuming and a bit in historical fashions from various region, and it just seems to me that some people like to pick and choose whatever suits their preconceived notion of something… I mean, sure, it’s yellowish silk. Let’s find a picture of yellowish piece of clothing from South Asia and call out the similarities. Look, it’s even knee length! Also, silk comes from Asia. Asia equals brown people, right? And look, there is embroidery on both things. I just… it makes me kind of sad and confused and even angry (and I really try not to get angry at things) for people not to see that this is (or it at least seems to me to be) a very clear example of confirmation bias.

I’m really not trying to stir anything, so I hope I did not offend you in any way. I would of course like for HBO to have ethnically more diverse cast, and, yes, they should choose the costumes and designs appropriately so as not to be disrespectful towards one culture or another.

But in this case, I just really don’t see it.

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Trailer gifs!

nicely done gifs of the trailer, done glimpse by glimpse

nice fabric on Joffrey’s shirt


two horses AND a crow/rook

Bolton VS Bolton


Jorah’s legendary yellow shirt WITH BLUE NECK THING nice nice

nice scenery

now would you look at THAT fabric pattern

there’s also someone elses hair flapping on the left side of the first rider??

Oberyn’s costume is faptastic. Oberyn is faptastic, although doesn’t look like Oberyn.

Oberyn doesnt of afraid of candles

oh my would you look at that nice wall decor

THEON DONT CRyyyyy Nnnnnno

I am 74% sure Melisandre is talking to Shireen here

yeah some gratuitous sex scenes there are never enough of these

hell yeah slapping VERY EDGY HBO A+++


nice doublet jon I like


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