maids & matrons

Brave women with stereotypically feminine virtues, kind and patient and loving, and the older, gruff and world-weary anti-heroes who fall for them.

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Anonymous asked: I've read one where Robert dies and Lyanna marries Stannis - it's far better though poor Stannis is stuck being Aerys' new Hand after he chucked Rhaegar in the dungeon. It's not funny either but it is very good. And there is a lot of Lyanna leaving Stannis utterly /bewildered/.


Yeah, his reaction to Asha Greyjoy and Alysane Mormont proves that Stannis would have no fucking clue how to deal with Lyanna. “Stannis let’s go riding!” “What, no, I have LAWS TO ENFORCE.” “Then I’m going to go train with the Master of Arms” “O_o”

I think I might have a new OTP.

Seriously, the level of the hilarity potential of this notion is just… wow. This is genius.

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I thought- I hoped he would just live the rest of his life in peace, you know? I thought Maggie and Glenn would have a baby. And he’d get to be a grandpa. And we’d have birthdays and holidays and summer picnics. And he’d get really old… And it’d happen, but it’d be quiet… It’d be okay… He’d be surrounded by people he loved. That’s how unbelievably stupid I am.

— Beth remembering Hershel.

What breaks my heart most about this is that we don’t hear Beth talking about the things she wanted and never got— only the things she wanted for other people.  What she wanted doesn’t matter to her.  Beth wanted for all of them to be safe.  But more than that, she wanted everyone else to be happy.  Because seeing other people happy is what matters to her.

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